Mobile Boat Hoist

The mobile boat hoist is widely used in shipyard, marina and yacht club for handling and transportation of ships and yachts for maintenance, repair, also for the launching of new ships on the shore.

The main features and advantages of the boat lift including:

1. Hoisting capacity ranges from 32 ton to 1000 ton.

2. Customized height & width to fit the sizes of ships and yachts.

3. Equip diesel engine and hydraulic drive. Hydrostatic transmission with proportional command.

4. Independent / synchronous winches achieve tandem operation.

5. Rubber tire walking mechanism with functions of slant working, crab walking, Ackerman steering and pivot steering.

6. All wheels steering (hydraulic system) and precisely angle steering control ensures the smooth walking of the boat hoist.

7. Fixed and & or mobile lifting points guarantee balanced weight distribution, smooth and safe lifting.

8. Electronic weighing indicator showing the weight of handled ships & yachts.

9. Overload limit device guarantees the safety of both the travel lift and ships & yachts.

10. Wireless radio remote control or cabin for easy and sightseeing control of the boat lift movement.

11. Several safety devices including sling system with 7 times safety coefficient of rated hoisting capacity.

12. With 4% grade ability by full load.

13. Paint colour in accordance with customer’s choice.

14. Anti-corrosion protection for high temperature, humidity and corrosive working environment.

Customer Focused Pre-sale Activities

All our boat hoists are designed to respond to and comply with each customer’ s specific requirements. Our sales staff works closely with the customers to carefully understand their needs and offer them the best solutions to fulfill their demands. Our design, electrical and hydraulic engineers and production department cooperate closely to ensure the best products. In addition, pre-assembly and tests are all carried out in our plant guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

After Services

Becoming a customer of our mobile boat hoist means choosing the quality and the efficiency not only of the products but also of all the related services.

Our customers are offered a qualified and efficient installation and commissioning service and a complete training of customer staff to optimize the boat lift use and maintenance.

24/7 prompt and professional after-sale service from our offices over the phone, mail, and online communication are guaranteed by our sales, technicians and engineers.

Our component and spare parts are to be shipped worldwide according to customer's requests, enables us to give customer real-time solutions to any emergency situation.


1. For the crane traveling, this crane can move in diagonal direction, this boat and yacht handling crane also can steer in 90 degree and put the boat in any designated position according to requirements.

2. This crane can be adjusted the width of the main girder according to the boat in case to handling different side boat.

3. This yacht handling crane is of low expense, high performance, easy to operate and maintenance and so on.

4. Low cost on the daily operation, it adopts the soft and firm belt to ensure there is no harm to the boat when hoisting.

5. This boat crane can make the boat in order quickly; it also can adjust the gap between each boat according to different condition.

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