Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

Rail mounted container gantry crane (RMG crane) is mainly used to load, unload, move and stack containers in railway transship fields and large container storage yards. It is constituted by main girder, rigid and flexible outriggers, trolley travel mechanism, lifting mechanism, crane travel mechanism, electric system and operation cab. This rail mounted container gantry crane can be 3 kinds based on operating type in storage yards: whose girders outreach at the direction of the single outrigger is called single cantilever crane and at the direction of the double outrigger is called double cantilever crane, and whose girders do not outreach is called non-cantilever crane. Users can choose different types depending on the different demands of yards, storage and transport ways of containers and vehicles (trucks or railway vehicles).

You can choose according to your needs, or consult our experts, we can provide you with the best solution for rail-mounted gantry cranes.


1. This crane can be used in inland terminals, container yard, rail freight station, coastal freight yard and frontier wharf.

2. Adopt dedicated container spreaders which can handle 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet containers.

3. Electrical drive system is full digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control speeding, CMS intelligent monitoring and management system, the running state real-time monitoring equipment.

4. The upper trolley can rotate 270 degree for easy load and unload.

5. Three-in-one gear motor is adopted for long travel and cross travel, easy maintenance.

6. Safety protection: Anti-breaking shaft, wind warning, anti-tipping, etc.

7. Vector frequency conversion speed regulation, torque balance control technology, CMS intelligent service management system, real-time monitoring of equipment operation status;

8. Power feedback technology, flexible smart box and locking technology, energy saving, convenience and high efficiency;

9. Optional running track intelligent optimization control technology and fully automatic semi-automatic control technology;

Model LJ35/40-23 Light Type LJ40-23
Lifting capacity (without spreader) (t) 35,40 40
Work level A7,A8 A6,A7
Span (m) 23.47 23.47
Lifting Height (m) 12.2~17.8 16.5
Stack layer 3/4~5/6 5/6
Container size 20',40',45' 20',40',45'
Spreader rotation angle ±5° ±5°
Lifting  (m/min) 13/26,23/52 12/18,18/28
Trolley travelling  (m/min) 50,70 24
Crane travelling (m/min) Full load-90, no load-130 Full load-20, no load-40
Max. wheel load (kN) 310 310
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