Metallurgy Overhead Crane

Metallurgical overhead cranes are Weihua's superior products, which are mainly used in steel mills, aluminum plants and other metallurgical industries.

According to different processes, there are different types of metallurgical bridge cranes, which usually include bridge cranes used in a series of production processes such as casting cranes and handling cranes. It is mainly used in the metallurgical industry for the handling of ladles, steel pipes, steel plates, coils and scrap steel.

Metallurgical overhead cranes include: ladle cranes, teeming cranes, chaging cranes, tundish cranes, foundry cranes, slab handing cranes, steel coil handing cranes.

The slings of metallurgical bridge cranes can be various types such as hooks, grab buckets, electromagnetic spreaders, and clips.

Overhead cranes in the metallurgical industry can be divided into double-girder double-rail, four-beam four-rail, four-beam six-rail and other types in the overall structure. The first two are generally used for bridge cranes of medium and large tonnage, while the four-girder and six-rail are used for bridge cranes of extra-large tonnage.

Our overhead cranes for the metallurgical industry have a lifting capacity of up to 550 tons.

Weihua's 2021 sales will be $2.28 billion, with steel mill cranes accounting for 36% of total sales. In the field of metallurgical overhead cranes, we have rich design experience and industry-leading auxiliary design systems. Our technical department has 1000 people and can meet any of your technical needs. You can communicate and improve the crane design through technical meetings, conduct video factory inspections at any time, or send personnel to our factory to supervise production.

Weihua bridge cranes have been the No. 1 sales volume in China for 14 consecutive years, and we have 34 years of rich experience in the crane industry.

No matter what type of overhead crane you need, we can meet your needs. You can consult our experts and we will customize the design according to your needs.


1. Adopt Siemens PLC and Siemens inverter for control and drive. At the same time, Profinet is used for communication between PLC and frequency converter. Equipped with communication detection function, it can detect the working status of each station in real time.

2. Install a monitoring system to monitor the working status of the crane in real time.

3. The hoisting mechanism of the ladle crane adopts a redundant system design to ensure the safety and reliability of hoisting liquid metal.

4. Wireless transmission and electronic scale, real-time transmission of liquid metal weight.

5. Each crane is designed with an electrical room, and electric fans are installed in the electrical room to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment.

6. The lifting mechanism adopts planetary reducer structure. If one motor fails, it can still complete the lifting job in a short time.

7. The mother-child trolley realizes unmanned automatic lifting of bags, saving costs.

8. Anti-sway system, stable operation and accurate positioning

9. Fully automatic, CNC control.

10. European standard design, FEM/DIN.

11. Safe and reliable, reasonable structure, economical, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.

safety protection:

1. The main hoisting mechanism is 4 independent rope winding systems;

2. Balance beam double brakes to prevent wire rope accidents;

3. Emergency stop switch of main hoisting mechanism;

4. Overload protection and derailment protection;

5. Overspeed monitoring of main hoisting mechanism;

6. Limit switch.

Techinical Specifications                                                          Part 1
Lifting Capacity t 100/32      Double Girder 100/32       Four Girders 125/32      Double Girder 125/32        Four Girders
  Span m 19.5~28.5 19~28 19.5~28.5 19~28
Lifting Height m 20/22 20/22 20/22 20/22
Work Duty A7
Main Lifting Speed m/min 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Vice Lifting Speed m/min 10.5 12 10.5 12
Crane Traveling Speed m/min 38 32.5/37.4 38 38/37.4
Trolley Traveling Speed m/min 68 78 79.7 79.7
Power KW 393 426.5 479 484.5
Track QU120
Lifting Capacity t 140/40      Double Girder 140/40        Four Girders 160/40        Four Girders 180/50        Four Girders 
  Span m 22~28 22~28 22~28 28.5
Lifting Height m 22 22 22 22
Work Duty A7
Main Lifting Speed m/min 6.8 6.8 0.6~6 7.2
Vice Lifting Speed m/min 9.1 9.6 9.5 9.3
Crane Traveling Speed m/min 38 38 38 38/40
Trolley Traveling Speed m/min 73 77.8 77.8 86
Power KW 479 510.5 -- --
Track QU120
Lifting Capacity t 200/50        Four Girders 225/65        Four Girders 240/75        Four Girders      280/75         Four Girders          320/80        Four Girders
  Span m 28 27 24 21 24.5
Lifting Height m 26 28 31 24/26 28/32
Work Duty A7
Main Lifting Speed m/min 8 8 10 10 9
Vice Lifting Speed m/min 9.3 10 10.5 10.5 10
Crane Traveling Speed m/min 40 40/38 38/40 36/39 36/39
Trolley Traveling Speed m/min 86 87 87 76 63
Power KW -- -- -- --  
Track QU120
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