Automated Intelligent steel coil handling cranes

Coil handling cranes mainly handle metal bars, plates and coils during processing. It is an overhead crane usually used in steel mills and machinery manufacturing plants. This crane transports steel or coils from one production line to one The production line is shipped to another production line. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and in most cases it is usually used in production and manufacturing workshops. Depending on the type of material to be handled, our coil handling cranes can be customized to suit your needs.

This kind of crane has high requirements for work efficiency. It needs to carry out fast and long-distance handling work, so in order to shorten its working cycle, we use a special hook, which can handle up to 80 tons of plates, pipes, coils, etc. material. In addition, we are also equipped with intelligent functions, including anti-sway control system, advanced electrical control technology and overload protection, to ensure accurate positioning and fast and stable operation of the crane, thereby shortening the handling time, reducing the wear and tear of the crane, and greatly extending the crane's life. Longevity, increase the productivity of your business.

We can provide you with accessories for any steel product and spreaders in different sizes according to your needs. You can consult our experts and we will customize a fast, stable and precise steel coil handling overhead crane for you.


1. It can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices according to the materials to be handled, such as coil grabs (C-type hooks) and magnets, which can provide slewing functions.

2. It can be controlled by radio remote control or in the cab. It can provide manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic functions, and the control mode can be switched freely.

3. Visual recognition system. The designed visual recognition system has the functions of scanning and identifying vehicle information and steel coils, precise positioning, realizing intelligent unmanned automatic loading and unloading vehicles, and safety protection of work areas.

4. Put the swing control system on. The ground infrared equipment and the crane are interconnected to control the swing, and the handling process is smooth and efficient.

5. Data cloud platform. The platform includes a visual warehouse management and scheduling system, a warehouse data management system, an intelligent production line scheduling system and an equipment status monitoring system, which can be connected to all intelligent warehouse management systems.

Technical Specifications
Lifting Capacity T 16+16
Span M 26.5
Lifting Height M 7
Work Duty   A7
Speed Lifting M/Min 1.2~12
Crane Traveling 6.2~62
Trolley Traveling 20.6
Power KW 315
Max Wheel Load KN 295
Recommand Track QU100
Power Supply 3 Phase A.C.50Hz 380V
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